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P-SHES can generate 3D models of supports on the basis of PDMS modeled with piping, steel structures, and other equipment. This 3D model is also useful for checking clash between supports and other equipment on PDMS during design stage. Please refer to the attached User Manual.
SEONGHWA developed E-SHES program operated based on Everything3D from AVEVA. The program is essentially required when SEONGHWA support shall be designed on Everything3D and very similar to P-SHES which SEONGHWA support can be designed on PDMS.
Most P-SHES's functions are possessed in E-SHES such as clash check, BOM, and 2D support drawing extraction as high quality. Various distinguished functions can be also very helpful to design pipe support on E3D.
Similar to P-SHES, Smart-SHES is one of SEONGHWA support modeling programs on S3D and can be designed by standard support type and designed support type. Smart-SHES is able to generate SEONGHWA standard support items and extract BOM and 2D basic support drawing.
SHES is one of representative SEONGHWA pipe support modeling programs and it means SEONGHWA Engineering System.
Based on the result of pipe stress analysis, SHES can generate the part list and the assembly drawing automatically, which will be useful for design, procurement, and manufacturing control.
It is not necessary to make basic sketch drawing (by manual) or assembly drawing (by CAD) at great expense in time.
Additionally, SHES program was optimized for more convenience and effective with various engineering support concept. Applicable OS : Windows 7, Windows 10
For the more information, refer to the attached user manual.
Plant Design System Library for 3D Modeling by Support Modeler™(Peliconforge)
Stress analysis package for piping
Plant Design Management System (3D Model)
3D Model reviewer for PDS Model
Steel structure design (used for supplementary beam check)
Piping Controlling Database
To enable sketching the piping system just in minutes and generating the isometric drawing only in seconds. To integrate with all the leading 3D plant design systems such as PDS and PDMS.
To generate the spool drawing automatically.
- Process time reduction = cost reduction
- Quality enhancement = cost reduction
- PED implementation
- Digital data handover to owner/operator
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